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facebook chatbot for real estate

For example, pricing ranges between $0.002 and $0.004 per request for text. Any product or service that has a high level of pre-purchase decision-making, such as auto sales, real estate or enterprise software, can gain immense value from a chatbot. A lot of real estate agents are getting more leads through Facebook than through their websites.

facebook chatbot for real estate

With the possibility of engaging that many website visitors by simply implementing a software program, it’s worth exploring the possibility of adding a chatbot. His primary objective was to deliver high-quality content that was actionable and fun to read. His interests revolved around AI technology and chatbot development.

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A chatbot can help you give virtual property tours to prospects when they are in the sales funnel. Such tours play a key role and buyers often don’t have enough time to go through each property physically. Thanks to an advanced AI-powered chatbot, now buyers can explore the property and can take things forward from thereon. Engage property seekers with an AI-powered chatbot and also give them the option to reach a live chat agent at any stage of the journey. Let the bot entertain basic and everyday property queries while using the live chat handover feature for handling more complex scenarios and queries of customers. What are the questions that you most commonly get from potential clients?

  • They work exactly like the “press 1 for accounts, 2 for billing” phone trees, only allow leads to select certain questions to ask, and provide preprogrammed answers to those questions only.
  • She could cross-reference a vast database of property information in an instant and field messages faster than any human at a keyboard.
  • Step 4 – Deploy the chatbot when you’ve figured out the contract with the platform firm.
  • Using a chatbot messenger template, along with other aspects of chatbot marketing, may help you raise the percentage of people engaging with your Facebook Business page.

Most clients are converted from leads online in today’s world of digitisation and firms’ online presence. In such a situation, it is impossible to afford to let all of that web traffic leave. Real estate messenger bots can help you tap into that traffic to capture leads and turn them into clients. Automate the process of making appointments via dialogue in order to boost sales and encourage more people to register for webinars and meetings.

Never Leave Your Customer Without an Answer

Your AI chatbot can be integrated with your CRM solution — and that’s critical. You can also edit the example content provided in the template to your own language.BotStar also does support multi-lingual bot. You can add another language by browsing to “Settings/General/Secondary Languages”. There are toggles to switch between languages throughout our platform should you need to edit bot contents. A website chat widget will add an engagement component on your otherwise static website and work as a digital salesperson and assistant. Answering questions, gathering information and setting appointments.

facebook chatbot for real estate

For the past decades, most of the marketing companies use forms to know the preferences of the people and catch their interest. However, as time passes by, it is proved that filling up papers are not reliable because people do not take filling them lin seriously. Moreover, in this generation, most have only a small attention span, which is why they tend to disregard the time-consuming questions.

Automate your follow-up process

Instead of sending visitors to a Facebook lead form or your landing page, you can send them to Facebook Messenger. And as you might know, the more crowded and in-demand a marketing platform is, the higher the costs per click can be. The email you get from there is even more valuable because it’s not some kind of trash email people use when they opt-in to some newsletter.

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