Moon Days

Moon Days


In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, both full and new moon days hold significance as yoga holidays due to their influence on human beings, who are predominantly composed of water. These lunar phases affect us much like the ebb and flow of the breath cycle.


During a full moon, the energy aligns with the end of inhalation, corresponding to the peak of prana, the vital life force. This generates an expansive, upward surge of energy, evoking heightened emotions and increased vitality, though it may also leave us feeling somewhat ungrounded.


Conversely, a new moon aligns with the end of exhalation, coinciding with the culmination of apana, a contracting, downward-moving force. This imparts a sense of calm and grounding, though it can sometimes manifest as density and reduced inclination toward physical exertion.


Honoring moon days within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition represents a deep reverence for the natural cycles and rhythms of existence. It aids practitioners in attuning themselves to these cycles, fostering a deeper connection with and harmony within the natural world.

Moon days and Sundays are holidays

Thursday, 11th Friday, 5th 
Thursday, 25th Sunday, 21st 
Friday, 9th Sunday, 4th 
Saturday, 24th Monday, 19th 
Sunday, 10th Monday, 2nd 
Monday, 25th Wednesday, 18th 
Monday, 8th Wednesday, 2nd 
Tuesday, 23rd Thursday, 17th 
Wednesday, 8th Friday, 1st 
Thursday, 23rd Friday, 15th 
Thursday, 6th Sunday, 1st 
Saturday, 22nd Sunday, 15th 
 Monday, 30th