How to Wean Off Alcohol

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This will help you figure out a baseline to start your taper. The idea is to religiously take this like medicine for the next week or two. My first recommendation is to seek professional help at an inpatient rehab facility, a dedicated detox center, or, in severe cases, the emergency room. One of the more difficult parts is maintaining sobriety after you achieve it. There are many other potential diseases that long-term alcohol use can cause, and it is important to stop using alcohol heavily if you are.

Tapering off Alcohol vs. Going Cold Turkey

But drinking less is always a good choice for your body and health. This can sometimes cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, and these symptoms can make it hard to stick with your recovery plan. Avoid taking prescription drugs that your doctor hasn’t prescribed to you. If withdrawal is so uncomfortable that you’re turning to drugs for comfort, you should contact your doctor or a rehab center to discuss medically supervised withdrawal. Late symptoms begin between two and four days after the last drink, and they usually include changes in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Serious symptoms caused by delirium tremens include hallucination and seizure.

alcohol tapering schedule

Through these programs, our caring and dedicated staff can help you on your road to recovery. Licensed medical professionals and highly qualified addiction specialists at The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper can help guide you toward a life without alcohol. Along with withdrawal symptoms, it may be even more difficult to cut back or taper your alcohol use if you struggle with an alcohol use disorder (AUD). AUD makes it difficult to control alcohol use — it may seem like the alcohol is controlling you.

Tapering Off Alcohol vs. Going Cold Turkey

Quitting cold turkey allows the shortest detox period and a rapid transition into the next recovery stages. When they suddenly quit drinking, the brain continues its hyperactivity, but alcohol no longer suppresses the effects. This can cause seizures and delirium tremens, a severe form of withdrawal marked by tremors and hallucinations. If you taper off alcohol slowly or with medical supervision, the brain has time to adapt without causing severe side effects.

  • You can also get help by reaching out to a professional rehab facility directly, like The Recovery Village.
  • The most effective option for alcoholics to stop drinking is to find a treatment program that offers medical detox services.
  • Many treatment professionals recommend using standard beer (about 5% ABV) for use when tapering off alcohol.
  • Some people avoid medically supervised rehab because they prefer natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal.
  • While it may be true that alcohol is still alcohol regardless of what drink it is in, your choice of drink can have a tremendous impact on how quickly you consume it.

Or you may give them to a spouse or a friend or a roommate to hold while you are drinking. You might even buy a time lock safe to make sure that you cannot get at them. Some people even choose to install a breath-alcohol ignition lock on their car to insure that they will not drink and drive.

Medications to Change Your Drinking

While it is true that it is more expensive to buy your alcohol this way, in the long run it may actually be cheaper because of the grief that you save yourself from. If your problem is drunk dialing or drunk emailing–then you may want to turn off your computer or cell phone before taking the first drink. If you need a stronger deterrent, lock them in a closet or a safe. Even your subconscious will realize that it might be a bad idea to drunk dial then. If you are suffering from severe Alcohol Dependence and nothing else seems to help, a Marijuana Maintenance program just may be a life saver for you. Feel free to think up some more of your own and make a list of them to use the next time that you need them.

alcohol tapering schedule

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